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July 5th opener in Toutle canceled

A very difficult decision was recently made by Dan Dale, owner of the Riverdale Raceway sprint boat track in Toutle, Washington. The race has been canceled due to technical and safety issues. It really comes down to the fact that the track would not be up to the safety standards that that Mr. Dale wanted to deliver to the American Sprint Boat Racing Series and the race scheduled for July 5th had to be canceled.

On the upside, that means the track will be in near pristine condition for the season ending race on September 27th. Dan Dale long experienced in the management of motorsports facilities and while we are all disappointed the event was canceled, we now look to the first race in September with much excitement!!!

The next race on the ASB Pro Series schedule is in Port Angeles at the exciting Extreme Sports Park track on August 9th. See you there!!



April 27, 2015

The American Sprint Boat Racing (ASBR) executive team announced today they will be sanctioning and hosting the first annual ASB World Championships in 2015. The inception of the World Championships has been in the initial planning stages since the origination of the ASBR in 2013.

In interviewing Dan Morrison and Doug Hendrickson today, of the ASBR executive team, Dan commented, "In addition to elevating sprint boat racing in the United States to the professional level, it has always been a goal of the ASBR to bring an affordable world class championship for all the countries that participate in our quickly growing sport." "Our team is focused on providing the most affordable, professionally managed series in the world and announcing our plans for the 2015 World Championship at this time is essential for the race teams to properly plan for these events," Doug Hendrickson added. >> READ MORE



A track is born

Riverdale Raceway joins 2014 ASB Pro Racing Series

By Jim DeFord

Photos by Jim DeFord & Josh Mourer

TOUTLE, Washington (April 26, 2014) I paid a visit to the new Riverdale Raceway ASB Pro Series track in Toutle, Washington. The first overhead photos showed quite a rectangular track with the launch area not yet dug and some pretty square corners. A photo posted on our Facebook page immediately went viral with some entertaining discussion and theories on the yet-to-be-finished track.

Since those photos the corners have been, and continue being rounded and shaped, and the straights that looked very straight are not so much anymore. The inner part of the track is tight and twisty, and will make for some intense, fast racing. The track design will offer the opportunity to maximize the track for all types of driving styles.  >> READ MORE


See the Riverdale Raceway Photo Gallery.






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