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The Modified class can use engines up to 400 cubic inch and use cast iron heads.



Boat # 156 Boat/Team Name: Bad Influence Driver’s Name: Steven Church Navigator’s Name: Randi Church Team: Crew Chief – Ron Domoe, Crewmen – Jason Keith & Lisa Bowman Driver’s Highlights: Raced competitively in the USA, New Zealand and Australia… Boat Information Length: 13′ 6″ Hull: Jetspeed MK3 Engine Make and Size: 408 Cubic Inch Chevrolet Pump Make and Size: 8.5″ Scotts Pump Sponsors: Jocko Fuel, Order of Man, Origin Manufacturing, Colbalt Computer Services, Bodyworx, Ram Trucking, Imagine Graphics, Industrial Threadworks and JetSPEED.

22 Fat Buddy.JPG

Boat# 22 Boat/Team Name: Punisher - Fat Buddy Racing Driver's Name: Phil Miller Age: Too Old Hometown: Castlegar, BC Canada Occupation: Construction Navigator's Name: Amy Thomasson Age:45 Hometown: Anacortes Washington Occupation: Mom and Student Team: Ben Hogan, Gavin VanHook, Monty Turnridge Driver's Career Highlights: Just a regular good guy, with many wins and 400 Class Championships. Competed in 2018 (AU), 2016 (NZ), 2014 (USA) Worlds. Boat Information Length: not measured Hull: Sprintec gforce Engine Make and Size: 410ci dart Pump Make and Size: Scott 8 1/2" SPONSORS: Monty's Racing Engines, AFX Machine, Precision Finish, M&M Glass.

5 Black Magic.JPG

Boat# 5 Boat/Team Name: Black Magic Driver's Name: "Kiwi" Kelley Stevenson Age: 50 Hometown: Sherwood, OR - Originally Christchurch, NZ Occupation: General Contractor, Owner Kiwi Construction Navigator's Name: Tracie Montgomery Age: 48 Hometown: Sherwood, OR Occupation: Dental Hygienist Driver's Career Highlights: 2021 Season July ASB/Extreme Sports Park 2nd place podium, August Webb Slough 3rd place podium, Sept ASB/Extreme sports Park 3rd place podium. Crew Chief/owner: Tracie Montgomery Mechanic: Joe "BAM" Clayburn Crew Support: You know who you are... Boat Information Length: 12 Hull:Type/Make: Stinger Engine Make and Size: 412 Scott Pump 8 1/2" SPONSORS: Kiwi Construction Co., POX Wraps, Next Level (Clint Birch), GH McCulloch Inc.

39 Badwrench.JPG

Boat# 39 Boat/Team Name: Mr. Badwrench Driver's Name: Mike Hilt Age: 67 Hometown: Talkeetna, AK Occupation: Aviation Mechanic, Bush Pilot Navigator's Name: Nick Sibley Age: 22Hometown: Deer Park, WA Occupation: Autobody Tech. Team: Jim Sibley, Jim Adams Driver's Career Highlights:2nd year, Tunnel boat & Hydroplane racing, Sprint car racing. Boat Information: Length 12'Hull: Mackraft 2 Engine Make and Size: Chevy 383 Pump Make and Size: Scott SPONSORS: Go Green, Boulder, CO. Adams Family Racing, Ed Nereaux Racing Engines, Deer Park Autobody Deer Park, WA, CSN Spokane, WA

47 Bandit Gold.JPG

Boat # 47 Boat Team/Name: Bandit Gold Driver: Darrin Swindahl Age: 52 Hometown: Graham WA Occupation: Boat builder Navigator: Ashley Swindahl Occupation: Family resources Coordinator Age: 29 Hometown: Puyallup, WA Crew Chief – Josh Hyatt Crew members: Driver’s Highlights: Winning first place a both PA races 2020 back to back Boat Information Length: 14' Hull: Bycraft Engine Make and Size: Dart engine 410 Cubic Inch Pump Make and Size: Scott 8.5" 2 stage Sponsors: Modutech Marine Inc., National Marine Exhaust, Honest Performance, Hull Speed Performance Coatings, Liveline Racing Products

146 Jolly Rogers.jpeg

Boat # 146A (photo by Jeff Halstead) Boat/Team Name: Jolly Roger Driver's Name: Eric Werner Age: 51 Hometown: In the Air! Except when he is on the water Occupation: Aerial Acrobat who drives a Prius Navigator's Name: Tina Huff Age: Top Secret Hometown: Occupation: Human Disco Ball Team: Driver's Career Highlights: Boat Information Length: 12' Hull Type/Make: Custom Engine Make and Size: 410 Pump Make and Size: Southern Jet 8 3/4"

146 B Jolly Roger Nicole.JPG

Boat #146B Team Name: Jolly Roger Driver's Name:Nicole Brown Age: 30 Hometown: Tacoma, WA Occupation: Mixologist and health food specialist. Navigator's Name: Tina Huff Age: Hometown: Occupation: Human Disco Ball. Team: Driver's Career Highlights: Boat Information: Length: 12'Hull Type/Make: Custom Engine Make and Size: 410 Pump Make and Size: Southern Jet 8 3/4" SPONSORS:

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