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Sprint boat racing is one of the most unique motorsports in the world.  With a course that consists of a three-foot-deep channel, 20 feet wide, filled with water, wrapped throughout six small islands, creating 13 turns all within a footprint the size of a football field. 

The boats in this sport are aluminum hulls that are 12-feet long with a jet pump that moves 600-gallons per second.  The engines that run these water-rockets can range from 400 horsepower in the beginner class to over 1,000 horsepower in the unlimited class. Reaching speeds that take you from zero to 100 mph in three seconds reaching up to 8Gs throughout the 13 turns.  

In order to reach these speeds, it requires an above-average responsive navigator to help point the driver throughout the course.  What makes this sport so challenging is the race teams do not receive the official track-rotation, that provides the sequence of turns around the islands, until the night before they race.  The drivers and navigators in the sport is truly what make this unique.  With ages ranging from 19 to 68 years old, it matches seniors against youths and women against men.  Mom's racing with sons, husbands and wives, brothers with sisters, old and young, they all compete on the same field.  There are less than 50 sprint boat race teams in the United States that compete in this sport.  


Our Mission:

To bring a world-class level of Sprint Boat Racing across the US and beyond while partnering with businesses and communities to build economic growth, and excitement unseen in motor sports.  

Our Vision:

Vision Statement To be the benchmark partnership of Sprint Boat Racing in North America setting the standard for others to follow.  Built on a foundation of respect, integrity, performance, year aftr year that is not only sustainable, but continuously growing and improving.  

Our Core Values:

We believe we have a responsibility to both the sport of Sprint Boat Racing, and our communities.  That perspective allows us to continually strive for excellence in all areas, from our public awareness and community involvement to our conduct of sportsmanship, integrity, and trust.

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