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The Modified class can use engines up to 360 cubic inch and are allowed aluminum heads.



Boat # 623 Boat Team/Name: Fear Not Driver: Clint Birch Navigator: Terri Lovell Crew Chief – Bart Roberts Crew members: Bob Hardy, Steve LeMoine, Debbie Roberts, Linda Forbes, Monty Turnidge, Ben Hogan. Driver’s Highlights: 2019 – 3rd ASB Pro Racing Series. Designed our own Boat using Next Level Racing Composites. Boat Information Length: 12′ Next Level Racing Hull. Engine Make and Size: Dart Block 360 Cubic Inch Pump Make and Size: Scott 8 1/4″ Sponsors: Next Level Racing Composites, Class Kustom & Auto Body, Montys Racing Repair, FST Carburetors.


Boat# 509 (photo by Herman Marchetti) Boat/Team Name: Bad Idea A - Driver's Name: Eric Petring Age: 55Hometown: Hermiston, Oregon Occupation: Custom Painter / Airbrush Artist Navigator's Name: Karen Mesa. Backup Navi: Scarlett Taylor, Age: 50Hometown: Portland OR/ Spokane, Wa Occupation: Sales and Promotion Team Crew Chief: Earl 'the Squirrel' Lathrop Hot Ramp Crew: Kurt Taylor, William Cicero, Scarlett Taylor. Chief Biscuits & Gravy Makers: Jennifer Cicero, Tina Taylor Stephanie Lathrop, Molly Lynch Driver's Career Highlights: Oldest hull currently racing, built by Earl 'the Squirrel' Lathrop in 1998... now he is our crew chief and his son Levi navigates too. Boat Information Length: 13' 8"Hull: Type/Make: Twisted Metal Engine Make and Size: Small block chevy, 355 cubic inches, 637 horses Pump Make and Size: 8.25 inch Scott SPONSORS: Greasy Rat Garage - Port Angeles, Wa, Great American Powdercoating and Eco blasting - Pasco, Wa, Zips Drive In - Richland, Wa, Crawfords Custom Upholstery - Kennewick, Wa., Imagine Graphics - Bud Wendell, Cd' A, Idaho.

199 Guano Loco.JPG

Boat# 199 Boat/Team Name: Guano Loco Driver's Name: Sammy Steele Age: 27 Hometown: Post Falls, ID Occupation: Asst Manager, Bunker Bar Navigator's Name: Larry Steele Age: 60 Hometown: Coeur d'Alene, ID Occupation: Electrician Team: Logan, Bob, Pat, Jason, Josh Driver's Career Highlights: Just trying to get better every race!! Boat Information Length: 13 1/2' Hull: Carlson Sheet Metal Engine Make and Size: Chevy 355 Zz4 Pump Make and Size: Frankenstein 7 1/2" SPONSORS: Washington Masonry, Precision Propellor, Bunker Bar, Pyramid Printing

666 Darkhorse Racing.JPG

# 666 (Our Angel number) Carries over from our drag racing. Boat/Team Name: Wayshegoes / DarkHorse Racing. Driver's Name: Jeremy Souza "Dr. Evil" Age: 42Hometown: Whidbey Island "Oak Harbour" WA Occupation: Yes Navigator's Name: Jesica Law "Barbie" Age: 31Hometown: Whidbey Island "Oak Harbor" WA Occupation: Super Mom. Team Crew: Crew Chief Jeff Souza. Pit crew: Don Souza, Josh Spanos, Jeff Rossi and Sam Rossi. Hot Ramp Cw: Jeff Souza, Jeff Rossi, Sam Rossi, Josh Spanos, Conrad Hussey. Boat information: Length: 13'Hull: Eagle Hull Engine Make and Size: 350, 5.7 Pump Make and Size: Scott, 8.25 Sponsors: Top Notch roofing, Top Notch Kustomz, Motor Coffee, Napa Whidbey Auto Parts, Island Electric, Conrad Hussey.

154 Purcell Racing.JPG

Boat# 154A Boat/Team Name: 154 Racing Driver's Name: A - Jeff Purcell / B - James Goldberg Age: 60Hometown: Grapeview, WA Occupation: Commercial Sales Manager Navigator's Name: A- James Goldberg/ B - Jeff Purcell Age: 32Hometown: Edmonds, WA Occupation: Engineer Team: Margaret Purcell, Anne Purcell, Mike King, Daniel Goldberg, Dean Daniel, Stacey Daniel, Annika Andersson, Jim Hyatt (consultant) Driver's Career Highlights: Racing hard and having fun. Boat Information Length: 12 ½'Hull: Jetco Engine Make and Size: 355 Chev Pump Make and Size: Scott 8 1/4" SPONSORS: Cars Auto Repair, Bremerton, WA

208 Jolly Roger.JPG

Boat #208 Boat/Team Name: Jolly Roger Driver's Name: TJ Burrows Age: 38Hometown: Spirit Lake, Idaho Occupation: Driller Navigator's Name: Keith "Boomhower" Brownsberger Age: 39Hometown: Spirit Lake, Idaho Occupation: Heavy Equipment Operator Driver's Career Highlights: Boat Information " Length: 12'Hull Type/Make: Custom Engine Make and Size: 358 Chevy Small Block e and Size: Scott 8 1/2"

91 Flying Hawaiian.jpeg

Boat #91 (photo by Jeff Halstead) Boat/Team Name: Flyin Hawaiian Driver's Name: Dustin Chase Age: 41Hometown: Hayden, Idaho Occupation: Shop Superintendant Navigator's Name: Talmon "TJ" Gibson Age: 41Hometown: Coeur d'alene, Idaho Occupation: Transportation Technician Team: Ton Trotter Driver's Career Highlights: 1st Place PA 2018 Unlimited Class, 2nd Place Overall at PA Unlimited. Flipped upside down under water in my very first race! Nothing but gains since. Boat information: Lingth: 13' Engine Make and Size: 355 Bowtie Pump Make and Size: Scott 8 1/2" Sponsors: Chase Hawaii Rentals, Royal Coach, Roadkill Grill, Spencer Rouw

Bad Fish.jpeg

Boat # 08 (photo by Patricia Fiske) Boat Team/Name: Bad Fish Racing Driver: Scott Jenson Age: 50 Hometown: Maple Ridge,BC Occupation: Equipment Manager Navigator: Brittan Jensen Occupation: Medical Assistant Age: 22 Hometown: Vernon, BC Crew members: Jim Jensen, Wayne Wilkie, Janet Wilkie, Dawn Sharman, Geoff Lane Driver’s Highlights: Racing with family and friends Boat Information Length: 13' Hull: Jetspeed Modified Engine Make and Size: Chevy 360 Pump Make and Size: Scott 8.5" Sponsors: Precision Finish Autobody, Nahanni Truck and Trailer, M&M Glass, Richmond Racing Engines, My Bank Account

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